If you understand the term “Metalhead” is a really good thing then we’re probably the automotive shop you’ve been looking for since you bought your first car. Our name comes from a conversation our owner was having over what it is that we do at the shop, and to make things easy for the “tech guys” to understand he finally said: “It’s easy, Metal is Metal and if somebody has a need to maintain it, repair it, restore it or give it a facelift we can do it.” Our automotive area is not your typical corner garage with a tool chest and a lift. Sure we can and do all the scheduled maintenance on cars and truck but that’s were everybody else stops. We’re the guys that your current mechanic refers to when he says: “I’ll have to send this out to have it done right.” You can think of us as the “Do Right”, Did Right and Done Right” guys. You won’t find a fancy waiting room or mints on the counter but you will find over 70 years of experience in making sure the jobs were done right!