Do you do general automotive maintenance?

We run a full service automotive facility to do common to involved automotive maintenance. From model T’s to the new Tesla we can provide all your needs.

What are the travel and labor costs?

Sometimes it is more practical and cheaper for us to bring our shop to you than for you to transport your project to our location. Our shop is located in Hammonton, NJ 08037. Our standard travel rate is a flat fee of $90 plus $2 per mile on a round-trip calculation. For example a job that requires on-site welding in Cherry Hill, NJ is a 50 mile round trip that would require a deposit of $190 for us to show up. All of our technicians are paid at a rate of $80 per hour so the job in Cherry Hill that takes two hours to complete will be approximately a $350 plus materials cost. Or you can save the travel cost by bringing your project or problem to us… gosh our cost doesn’t sound that high now does it?

Do you pick up and deliver?

Sure we do. We have standard rates for travel and any special equipment that is required to transport items however we’re on-time and reasonable.

Is there really a “Joe” at the shop?

Kinda puts you right at ease knowing that you’re dealing with a guy named Joe, doesn’t it. Joe Bondisky is the owner of the magnificent facility where all the magic takes place. Joe is the guy you want living right next door to you because he has every tool ever made and knows how to use them. Joe gives out advice and a cold for free but has reasonable rates for everything else he does.