Machine Shop

Our automotive machine shop can handle small to mid size engines, our services consist of boring, pressure check, cylinder head recondition, rod recondition, piston fitting, king pin bushing honing, and much more. So if you have an engine you need completely reconditioned or just a one valve to be worked on, we will be glad to assist you. As long as the parts are ready available our turn time’s are very prompt.

Our mechanics have over 40 years of “hands on experience” in the repair or refurbishing of Kohler engines for professional mowers. Whether you need the engine to make a living or want to race your lawnmower in the Gran Prix our staff knows everything about how to get you across the finish line in first place. Varoom!

  • Repaired & Ready
    Repaired & Ready
  • Kohler engine
    Kohler engine
    Ready for the reconstruction
  • Kohler Mower Engine
    Kohler Mower Engine
    We rebuild, refurbish and guarantee
  • The way a Kohler engine arrives
  • After we give the Kohler a clean up