If you understand the term “Metalhead” is a really good thing then we’re probably the automotive shop you’ve been looking for since you bought your first car. Our name comes from a conversation our owner was having over what it is that we do at the shop, and to make things easy for the “tech guys” to understand he finally said: “It’s easy, Metal is Metal and if somebody has a need to maintain it, repair it, restore it or give it a facelift we can do it.” Our automotive area is not your typical corner garage with a tool chest and a lift. Sure we can and do all the scheduled maintenance on cars and truck but that’s were everybody else stops. We’re the guys that your current mechanic refers to when he says: “I’ll have to send this out to have it done right.” You can think of us as the “Do Right”, Did Right and Done Right” guys. You won’t find a fancy waiting room or mints on the counter but you will find over 70 years of experience in making sure the jobs were done right!

But your job is easy… just bring your problem to us and PROBLEM SOLVED!

Our fab shop also get’s call’s for fancy or so called decorative items for various different locations, such as restaurants , dinner’s, garages, retail stores, and so on. Some ask for a fancy sign frame, some may ask for a stand to keep the microwave off the counter, other’s may want a net around their fish pond. Last year we even had to make an aluminum swordfish for the front of a truck. So if you have and idea of something different, and your having trouble finding someone to build it for you, just give us a call.

If you’re hearing “SPUTTER, SPUTTER, PUTT, PUTT, BLAAAAPLUNK” you need our help. Our automotive shop is fully equipped to do everything from changing your oil to increasing the size of your cylinders and everything in-between. we can fix it or make it sing the song you’ve always wanted to hear.

On this page we’ve included some pictures of engines we’ve worked on for clients. Whether you’ve got a straight 6 or powerful V-8 we’ve got the skill to do all the work from a serious cleaning to a total rebuild. Also, we have a way for you to follow the progress of your project right on our website and invite your friends to follow along. Talk to us about placing your work in the “Ongoing Projects” section of our website. Varoom!

We work on various type’s of equipment.  No job to big or to small.  So if you have a piece of equipment that needs small to major repair just give us a call.


For those farmers who get tired of fixing their own equipment or supplements, we have the perfect ambitious young man who just loves to help.

We can do small to mid size fiberglass repairs and paint touch ups. Boat hulls, car bodies, professional lawn equipment or a surfboard our fiber guys are experienced in every aspect of the repair. Fiberglass!

Our automotive machine shop can handle small to mid size engines, our services consist of boring, pressure check, cylinder head recondition, rod recondition, piston fitting, king pin bushing honing, and much more. So if you have an engine you need completely reconditioned or just a one valve to be worked on, we will be glad to assist you. As long as the parts are ready available our turn time’s are very prompt.

Our mechanics have over 40 years of “hands on experience” in the repair or refurbishing of Kohler engines for professional mowers. Whether you need the engine to make a living or want to race your lawnmower in the Gran Prix our staff knows everything about how to get you across the finish line in first place. Varoom!

In the marine field, we only do work on crafts that can be brought to us. We work on inboard motors and drives, we do custom paint jobs, any type of pipe work, we will also have shrink wrap and winter storage available for 2015. Here’s a few pictures of what your stern drive engine should look like to be in peak preformance condition.

Our shop has been in the welding, Automotive, Marine and General Business of Metal for the past 40 years. Over that period of time we have accumulated items some pertaining to our business and some which may not, but whatever the case may be, they are available for purchase. We will be posting them periodically, so take a look once or twice a week to see if any of the item’s are of your interest.

And talk about unique… we even built our own machine that uses high pressure water and an aggregate mix that will “sand blast” anything without harming the metal surface.