Why trust MetalisMetal?

Everytime you start an engine, drive a car, mow the lawn or take your boat out for a spin you’re saying you trust the guys who did the work… but do you really? What we’ve spent a lifetime learning is that things break and duct tape can’t fix everything. Often you need a machinist that has spent a lifetime learning how to bring metal and machines back to life… that’s where we come in. Take a look at this picture and you’ll know that this is the guy you can trust. In the brown shirt is “Joe”. In the middle of the night on a dark and lonely road or trying to get back to the harbor on a stormy night Joe is your best friend. Why? Because Joe made certain that the job was done right, the car, boat or lawnmower isn’t going to fail because of the work done at MetalisMetal. So when the 30th person steps out on your deck don’t you want to know that Joe made sure the railings were welded correctly? Why trust MetalisMetal? Because we have Joe.
happy guy joe